Learning Outside The Classroom: New Options for Online Classes

An RST Hosted Workshop with Susette Jaquette

Come join us to learn more about earning core curriculum credit outside of school.  Workshop includes information on the newest online class options and school credit requirements. Find out how RST can help you customize your plan for making the most of your high school career!

WHERE: RST Studio, 412 Longshore Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
WHO: Families and students in grades 6-12
WHEN: March 20, 6:30-8 pm
Cost is $10 per family.  Light snacks and beverages will be provided.
To help us plan for food and space accommodations, please register by March 13!


Workshop Background Information:

In June 2013, the Michigan Legislature and Governor approved the State School Aid Act.  One section of this legislation, Section 21f, focuses on expanding online learning options for Michigan students.  This legislation went into effect in January 2014 and newly requires Michigan school districts to provide any pupil in grades 5-12 the opportunity to enroll in up to 2 online courses for each academic term.

With this new option come certain requirements for any selected online course, such as appropriate credit allocations, student aptitude, and quality of the course.  It is important to learn how to navigate the state catalog of online courses in order to ensure that these requirements will be met.

Meet Susette Jaquette:

Susette Jaquette brings over thirty years of experience to this workshop.  Besides teaching math for three decades, Susette’s roles have included Coordinator of the AAPS Online Learning Program, Coordinator of the Options Program, and Monitor of the Community Resource Program.  Susette is passionate about developing educational community partnerships and visioning education for the future.

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