Summer Programs

Programs Overview:

RST offers a wide range of preparatory classes and pre-college workshops for students ages 13-19.  Our sessions feature interactive activities, are designed around student interests and core academic standards, and are taught by experienced RST teachers and expert guest lecturers.  Let RST help you prepare for where you want to go next!

1. Algebra 2 and Analysis Small Group Preview Classes

Cost: $425
Dates: July 29th – August 28th
Time: Tue/Thu/Fri 1:30 to 3:30

Classes Overview:

Does your fall schedule already feel slammed with classes and extra-curriculars? How would you like to free up some time? RST can help with our blended learning math preview classes!

In these smaller class sessions, students will receive an overview of the essential math concepts coming up in their Algebra 2 and Analysis courses. Using the online ALEKS courses as a curriculum guide, RST’s experienced teachers will provide students with in-person instruction and individual attention, allowing them to gain confidence for the approaching semester. Students may then enroll in the online course for credit in the fall, and have the opportunity to “test out” early! Work with us in the laid-back summer months to free up your schedule next year!

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2. Career Preview Series – Individual Flyers

Cost: $475 (per career session)
Early Registration Discount: $50 off by 5/15/14
Ages 16-19
Dates: See below
Time: 2:00 to 5:30

Series Overview:

At RST, if you can dream it, we want you to be able to do it!  This combination workshop and lecture series is designed to show you how to pursue a career in the field that you love.

With the guidance of experienced professionals who currently work in their field of choice, students will learn valuable information about what it means to follow their passion as a profession.  Our guest lecturers will discuss what form their work takes, what their everyday is like, and what are the perks and drawbacks within their field.  Students will also be counseled about their career paths, such as what colleges have the best programs, what classes they should or shouldn’t take, and what internships or other work experiences can benefit them.  Activities may include field trips, projects, interviews, and more.

Workshops will be offered for the following career interests:

    • Arts & Entertainment (June 23-26)
    • Medicine & Wellness (July 7-10)
    • Engineering, Planning, and Design (July 14-17)
    • Writing, Media, and Communications (July 21-24)

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3. Exploring Your Mind Workshop

Cost: $410
Early Registration Discount: $50 off by 5/15/14
Ages 16-19
Dates: July 28-31
Time: 1:00 to 5:00
Investigating how you think:

Come discover how and why people think differently.  We’ll explore how technology can positively impact learning.  Experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education will share how their research is unlocking the secrets of the brain.  This class takes Myers-Briggs to a whole new level!

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4. Activities, Workshops, and Seminars

From writing to photography, from neuroscience to study skills, RST has designed workshops that students can both enjoy and learn from!  Discover more about yourself and develop your skill set with the following workshop offerings:

Get prepped for AC/AP!
Cost: $20-$40 (per workshop)
Dates: Fridays in August TBD

If you’re registered for an AP or AC course for the first time, we want to help you hit the ground running this fall.  Let RST give you the knowledge and the tools you will need to succeed with our Course Info Workshops!

These comprehensive sessions will go over expectations for course content and rigor, as well as advise students on how to prepare for these classes before they even begin.  RST teachers who have previously taught these courses will also give their expert opinion on time management, recommended study procedures, and additional content resources to help students succeed on quizzes, projects, and tests.

Info workshops may be offered for the following subjects:

    • Chemistry
    • US History
    • Geometry
    • Analysis
    • Biology
    • Geophysical Science
    • English
    • And more!

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Writing Workshop
Cost: TBD
Dates: TBD

Concerned about meeting expectations for high school or college level writing?  Let RST help you prepare and build confidence with our Writing Workshop!

In this workshop, students will learn the basics of textual and literary analysis through creative, engaging exercises and instruction from RST’s language arts teaching staff.  Students will gain aptitude with many essential writing conventions such as grammar, organizational structure, and rhetorical analysis, including the use of diction, syntax, style, voice, symbols, and themes.  Activities will include in-class lectures, outdoor excursions, interactive field trips, and more.

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5. Standardized Test Preparatory Classes

For nearly 7 years, RST has been helping high schoolers in the Ann Arbor area achieve their desired ACT and SAT scores with our Small Group Classes.

Click here for more info and registration.

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