Thank you for choosing RST Learning Studio!  We look forward to learning more about you.  Here’s a quick look at the steps to sign your student up for tutoring:

  • Complete the Registration Form
  • Contact from our Education Director
  • New Student Meeting
  • Begin Meetings with Teacher

About the New Student Meeting:

The first step is to have an introductory meeting with RST’s Education Director.  The purpose of this meeting is to familiarize both you and your student with the studio, our services, and also to give us a better sense of your child’s educational needs and goals.  This is a 1-hour session with a non-refundable fee of $50.  Both you and your student must be in attendance.  It is helpful if your student brings any relevant test scores or other academic materials.  Examples include:

-All old tests and quizzes that are relevant

-School textbook

-School notes, folder, etc.

-Login information for your student’s online grading platform – Powerschool, etc.

-Past ACT/SAT/PLAN/PSAT info (if applicable)

These will be useful in identifying the best way to help your student.  Of course you will also be given an opportunity to ask whatever questions you may have as well.

After the introductory meeting, we will assess how many meetings your student may need to meet their goals and also propose a tutoring schedule with specific times and dates to meet our targets. 

To learn more about our rates, click here.

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