Our Teaching Approach

At RST, we seek to enhance the classroom experience by augmenting and enriching your student’s formal education

Individualized Approaches

RST Learning Studio focuses on one or few students at a time rather than large classes. By maintaining a small student to teacher ratio, we can readily alter/customize lessons plans based on each individual student’s strengths and skill level. Likewise, our tutoring approach allows us to form bonds of trust with our students that do not typically occur in a larger, institution-like setting. This student-teacher relationship allows for thoughtfulness over different tutoring strategies, accounting for varying factors like time, budget, personality, goals, and learning style.  Furthermore, unlike other tutoring studies or test prep courses, we not only assign homework but also continually track students’ progress.

Supportive, Convenient Meeting Locations

We offer a variety of meeting locations in and around Ann Arbor – locations that facilitate both the learning process and rapport between the teacher and student.  Our teachers meet with students in public libraries, coffee shops, and University of Michigan campus buildings.  A variety of settings allow families and teachers to choose a location that is mutually convenient and comfortable.  Students feel nurtured, supported, and free to ask questions or ask for help.  Click here to view a map of potential meeting spots.

Active Mentorship

Completing general studies and/or standardized test prep homework often requires a high degree of self-discipline. While many teenagers want to succeed on their tests, it is often hard to create good study habits when other items feel more pressing: e.g. soccer games/tennis tournaments/theater rehearsals/etc. We play an active role in helping students stay on top of their studying and test preparation. Although we cannot control the outcome of their actions, we take a proactive mentoring approach towards helping them balance their workloads.

Staff Commitment

At RST Learning Studio our staffing criteria puts an emphasis on teaching skills rather than just academic achievement. Our staff comes to us with impeccable academics, but we hire them based on their ability to translate their personal understanding to a wide variety of minds. Each staff member takes a creative approach to teaching, and works to modify their message in a way that best suits the individual student’s learning style while keeping in line with the studio’s ideology. We also work closely with all parties involved – parents, student, tutor, and staff – to promote open communication and understanding throughout the entire process. We feel personal investment in each student’s progress.

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