September  7th, 2010

Dear Parents,

Most of you may have noticed the subtle changes regarding this year’s tutoring policies, and some of you have asked great questions relating to it.  As such, the following information is being offered as follow-up to the registration form so that we are all on the same page:


      Billing for the subsequent months tutoring will be sent during the first full week of the month.  Payment is due within 1.5 weeks of receiving the invoice. 

      We understand that we are starting a week into September, and there are only 3-full weeks of tutoring.  However we are still asking students to meet for a minimum of 4-hrs in the month.  This can be done by either extending two of their existing times/days to 1 ½ hr meetings, or to add another day.  

  • Students are free to supplement a meeting with ACT/SAT prep if that is applicable to their studies.
  • Otherwise they are welcomed to meet in an area outside of their regularly schedule subject.  For example:  Jim is scheduled for Geometry and does not need additional Geometry assistance, but does have an English paper he could use help with.  As long as it is discussed before-hand, we can assist him with that as well.


      The only months that will be prorated are Dec & June.  We ask students to schedule a minimum of 3-hrs for both of these months.

      I am very excited to have an awesome 4 person staff this year.   These additional  individuals will allow us to have back-up substitutes, and to function more efficiently in up-holding our promise to ”always being here for you!” 

      Likewise, there is a chance that if a student reschedules they may meet with a substitute depending on the day or time if their regularly-scheduled tutor is unavailable.   


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