ACT & SAT Test Preparation



In general, we approach both ACT and SAT prep in a similar fashion.  It is a mix of test taking strategy, test content review, and overall “confidence building.”  The “confidence building” portion is achieved through taking multiple tests and through reviewing SAT/ACT problem structure and wording.  Every student enters the preparation process with varying strengths and weaknesses.  Therefore we adapt much of the review to the individual needs of the student.  We can determine what these needs are by having the student complete some, or all, of a practice test prior to meeting with them.   As a rule of thumb, we recommend about 12, 1 hour, private sessions and 6 proctored test sessions in order to fully prepare.  The small group classes are a total of 25 to 30 hours of instruction and in-studio testing.

 Class rates vary – check class details page for more info.

Please understand that we tutor students with varying needs, so the info above is a generalized approach, and represents a moderate preparation regimen. If you are seeking less sessions we are happy to hold more sporadic sessions that may be used for general questions about the SAT/ACT format or specific problem types.



  • 4 Sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science
  • Optional* Writing portion. *recommended                                  
  • Sections are consecutive and do not alternate
  • No penalty for guessing


  • 3 Sections: Writing (similar to ACT English), Reading, and Math
  • Sections alternate between each subject 
  • Required essay writing portion
  • Point reductions for incorrect answer (so guessing is not always encouraged)

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