Science Tutoring

Don’t worry – it isn’t rocket science!

At RST, we help your student break down the abstract concepts of the subject into manageable pieces, emphasizing their application and clarifying by examples. Instead of just memorizing the terms and vocabulary from their textbook, your student learns their meaning through use in context, as part of greater scientific processes. To aid comprehension, we read with your student, highlighting the key points and illustrating concepts for visual clarity. So bring on the study guides and lab reports – we’ve got you covered!

Each week our studio communicates with all parties – parents, students, and teachers – in order to determine and prepare for the concepts your student will be encountering in their science classes. Using the studio’s collection of resources, we develop practice worksheets and supplemental assignments that enforce classroom learning. These may be tailored as enrichment activities to challenge the advanced learner, or provided as concept enforcement for students who may struggle with the material. Your student’s scores on all labs, worksheets, and quizzes are recorded in our studio’s tracking system as we continuously evaluate their academic progress.

Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science/Geology, Physics

* Educators can help with courses up through introductory college level and high school AP

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