Reading and Language Arts

Good writing is a process, but it doesn’t have to be a painful one!

Step by step, we help your student become more confident in their reading and writing abilities. Essays and writing assignments become less daunting when taken in parts, from brainstorming ideas, outlining, drafting, and revising, to a final polished piece of work. Other skills we tackle along the way are grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. Our reading comprehension service focuses on analysis of textual elements, helping your student get the essentials from even the toughest material.

Our studio communicates frequently between parent, student, and teacher in order to prepare for the reading material and/or writing assignments that your student will be working with each week. With the knowledge that students don’t always get homework weekly, we feel that it is important to keep consistent learning patterns going; therefore, we make sure we provide alternate assignments tailored to the needs of the student. We support students who need a little help catching up by reviewing foundational skills, as well as provide enrichment activities for advanced students who want to be challenged further. We also work with students with ADD, dyslexia, and other learning challenges. With our studio’s tracking system, we keep tabs on your student’s calendar, papers, tests, and scores to continually evaluate their progress.

Language Arts: General K-8 English course addressing foundational English skills like spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, and grammar usage. May include creative and analytical writing, sentence and passage construction, and reading comprehension.

Creative Writing: Course emphasizing written expression through genres like poetry, short stories, plays, narratives, or novels. Concepts include different stylistic and rhetorical devices, character development, story and plot structuring, writing dialogue, etc.

AP English Language: High school course focused on the evaluation and composition of informative, analytical, and argumentative essays, incorporating sources and certain rhetorical devices.

AP English Literature: High school course involving intensive study of famous literary works, followed by written analyses of elements like diction, style, tone, themes, and structure.

Composition: Grades 6-12 level course centered around the art of the essay, including thesis generation, outlining, use of supporting evidence, drafting, and revising. May include informative, analytical or argumentative writing.

College Level Writing: Advanced paper and essay composition. May involve literature analysis, information and research synthesis, or argumentative writing.

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