Study Skills, Organization, and Time Management

At RST, we believe that it is equally important for a student to have the skills they need to keep track of their schoolwork, assignments, tests, and overall progress as it is for them to understand their subject matter.

Students develop greater academic confidence through their ability to assess, plan, and execute their own work. Furthermore, with all their extracurricular activities combined with the demands of their schoolwork, many students can use planning help to prevent the pace from becoming overwhelming. With this in mind, we offer our Organization, Time Management, and Study Skills service.

Our studio provides students with help planning at the assignment level as well as planning on a larger, multi-subject level. By breaking each project down into manageable parts, students can develop a step-by-step process for assignment completion, as well as create a realistic timeline to get their work done. Then, by looking holistically at their courses, students can review their entire schedule for upcoming tests or assignments to prepare for, prioritize their work based on due dates, and consider their workload early to prevent getting behind or overwhelmed later on. Through our studio, students discover which resources may be of use to them, or ways to use their given resources more efficiently. These may include class websites, textbooks, school or general planners, calendars, binders and folders, syllabi, assignment rubrics, etc.

Rather than being a class of its own, this service is combined with general studies or subject area tutoring in order to provide the student with a direct application for these organizational skills. By implementing these practices along with their current schoolwork, the student can immediately experience the benefits of these strategies, and they will therefore be more likely to independently continue the same practices in future.

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