Math Tutoring

If you feel like you don’t “get” math, it does not mean you are not smart!

It is our goal to help students overcome their struggles with math. We take pride in reshaping the way students see, comprehend, and process math problems. Our studio goes beyond the formulas and equations, helping your student understand the significance of the problems and how math has real world applications. Tutoring in math subjects helps your student develop greater logic, patterns, problem solving, and reasoning skills. This is not a subject that can be conquered in a short time, but anyone can do it if they try!

In order to help your student stay on top of the coursework, our studio communicates weekly with students, parents, and teachers to determine what concepts they’re currently learning and where they’re headed. Using our extensive math resources collection, we also develop additional problem sheets and projects to reinforce fundamentals for struggling students or to challenge more advanced learners; this way, our studio promotes consistent learning patterns even if your student doesn’t have homework. We also constantly track your student’s progress and achievement by recording the dates and scores of all homework, quizzes, and tests.

Pre-Algebra through College Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus/Analysis, Calculus AB


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