General Studies

Our studio’s General Studies tutoring services are geared toward meeting content needs in single or multiple areas, under the main subject headings of Math, Science, and Language Arts. Tutoring needs for more specialized subjects may also be accommodated. In addition to subject area tutoring, we offer an Organization, Time Management, and Study Skills service to enhance students’ academic efficiency.  Click here for more information about each of the content areas, including our studio’s teaching process and details about the courses we support.

Standardized Test Prep

Your student is unique, and therefore their test prep should correspond!  Instead of taking a textbook approach, our studio considers a multitude of factors like grade level, single or multiple subject focus, learning style, and targeted test date when determining what plan will provide the greatest opportunity for their personal success.  By taking multiple tests throughout the tutoring process, your student builds confidence as they become familiarized with the test problem types, wording, format, and timing.  Our studio team collectively develops an individualized strategy for your student, ensuring that they go into the exam with a solid knowledge base and a plan for approaching the test.  For high school juniors, we recommend that they begin by participating in one of our small group classes (capped at 10 students) for an overview of all the subject areas for either the ACT or SAT.  Private lessons are offered for high school seniors and then juniors who have completed the small group class.  Click here to learn more.

College Planning & Applications

For many high school students, applying to a college or university is the next big academic step. Every year, admissions become more and more competitive, and at RST we want to give your student every possible advantage in the process. Applications involve many elements – a strong academic record, test scores, teacher recommendations, resumes, transcripts, and supplemental writing and essay portions – and organizing and executing them can be daunting. With this in mind, our studio helps your student compile the necessary pieces and create the required content for each institution they are interested in, giving them the best opportunity for admission to their school of choice. Click here to learn more.


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